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Gastric bypass is To Much Easy For Bariatric surgery

So most of you don’t know this but I had surgery on March 1st to remove all my excess skin and I’m finally feeling better. I wanted to apologize for being not as active as I usually am. I had a complete lower lift and my scars are a pain in the butt!! lol
I am being honest with the group, even though I have had a lot of negative people openly criticize my decision with my body.
Guess what?
Its MY BODY. Nobody else’s. My husband and I made the decision together and I will share my reasons because you are my friends but I’m not defending it, just clarifying in case any of you are wanting to do the same:
1) My excess skin caused rashes and infections: this has been ongoing for a few years and it was really uncomfortable. As some of you know, NO AMOUNT of spanks can hold all the skin in and even if they do- WE SWEAT and guess what? Rash.
2) Immense pain in my hips- this was a daily thing because of all the skin and it caused arthritis in my hips. (SIDE NOTE HERE: Since the removal: my hips do not hurt everyday. It’s truly a blessing!)
3) Slapping/jiggling while working out- This was more emotional than anything. While I would work out in front of people, I would have to wear several different supports because of the flapping. I don’t care how selfish this sounds, It was embarrassing.
If you guys have any questions that I can help with, shoot me a message below or PM.
If you feel the need to criticize or make nasty comments- DON’T or I will block you. THIS GROUP IS FOR SUPPORT!
I am attaching a picture for you guys to check out.

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