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25 Simple Weight Loss Secrets From Women Who Majorly Transformed Their Bods

These ladies know what they’re talkin’ about.  There will never be just one way to lose weight. Which is why 25 women shared the different success secrets that all yielded the same result: A healthier, more confident version of themselves.

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Best Diet Tips Ever — 22 Ways to Stay on Track and Smart

Tip No. 1: Drink plenty of water or other calorie-free beverages. Before you tear into that bag of potato chips, drink a glass of water first. People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger, so you can end up eating extra calories when an ice-cold glass of water is really all you …

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One Week Keto/Low Carb 7 Day Meal Plan

OK, can I just be honest and say that this 7 day keto menu plan thingy is a lot harder than I thought it would be???? I’m sure it’s just my inexperience, and it will get easier after the learning curve, but keeping the carbs below 20g, making it budget …

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