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Britain's largest sperm bank bans men with dyslexia, autism and ADHD from donating, triggering outrage over 'eugenics'

Britain’s largest sperm bank is under investigation for banning men with dyslexia. Campaigners accused the clinic of ‘eugenics’ – attempting to genetically improve the human race. The London Sperm Bank has produced leaflets stating it will not accept men who are dyslexic, have ADHD, autism or certain other conditions. But …

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5 Activities for Children with Dyslexia And Tips For Moms And Teachers

These are a few activities you can do at home to help your child improve their learning skills and gain confidence: Clay models for non-picture words – Dyslexic kids are visual learners and need images to connect to the words they are reading. Using Play dough or modelling clay to form letters, …

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A High-Schooler With Dyslexia Discovers Her Passion

Piper Otterbein was a high school senior when she recorded this inspiring video. She talks about how she struggled with dyslexia in grade school and middle school. And she shares what happened when she decided to focus on her strengths. Find out how Piper’s search for her passion changed her …

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What’s the Difference Between Dysgraphia and Dyslexia? Is It Possible

It’s not unusual for kids to have both dyslexia and dysgraphia. Dyslexia is primarily associated with trouble reading. But it can also affect writing, spelling and even speaking. Dysgraphia mostly shows up as writing difficulties. Kids with dysgraphia may struggle with handwriting, organizing their thoughts on paper or with both …

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The Many Strengths of Dyslexia Careers

Standing before a room of conference attendees, I read the LONG list of the common signs of dyslexia.  This list generally focuses on areas in which a dyslexic struggles.  Because people with dyslexia have average to above-average intelligence, it is exactly these unexpecteddeficits that stand out and so are commonly referred …

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8 Things to Know Before You Homeschool Your Kids With Dyslexia

“Why can’t you remember this!” “We just went over this yesterday!” “Why can’t you pay attention?” There are memories of my early years of homeschooling that I wish I could forget.  Those were the days before I understood that my kids might not learn like me – or like anyone I …

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