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Top 5 Foods and Supplements to Delay Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is one of the major medical problems of our time. This illness causes millions of people confusion, fear and a life lacking of quality, not to mention their families who join the circle of suffering. Studies in recent years reveal the close relationship between diabetes and Alzheimer’s, and show …

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6 Things No One Told Us About Being a Caregiver

It is incredible to me how one blink-of-an-eye moment can drastically impact your life.  Since our car accident two weeks ago we have found ourselves dealing daily with the aftermath.  Beyond the physical pain, there have been claims to file, insurance adjusters to talk to, paperwork to fill out, statements …

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Get Smart with these Super Brain Foods Best for Alzheimer's

Without proper brain function where would we be? College is the perfect time to be feeding your brain the foods it needs to thrive. Not only can these foods help you ace exams, improve your memory, and help you think more clearly, but they can also protect against alzheimer’s disease …

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